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Our Vision is to train Community mentors who will teach at-risk youth to fish at local lakes and build our community one kid, one fish, and one family at a time. Strengthening family relationships through fishing will impact the issues of today with great future benefits.

Our Mission is to restore Inner-city lakes for fishing so youth in the urban community will progress mentally, socially and physically. Fishing is a great educational tool. 

Our Goal is for urban youth in Pennsylvania to have fishing opportunities. 

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Pittsburghers are known for their desire to pitch in and help. The City has a healthy spirit of volunteerism. in July of 2017 that spirit came alive and set a new course for lake Carnegie in Highland Park. No longer would it remain a stagnate body of water, an eyesore to the East End communities. In July of 2017 members from the faith community and the Obama academy, Cleaned and Aerated the water, setting into motion the revitalization of Lake Carnegie. Lets Go Fishing is an inter-generational ministry reaching out to all ages.

In March 2018, The State Fish and Boat Commission conducted a count and evaluation of the fish living in Lake Carnegie. The examination of the lake proved positive for the City of Pittsburgh and the State Fish Commission to stock the lake for the return of Inner-city fishing for eight local Pittsburgh neighborhoods and residents of adjoining communities. Families came from all parts of the city and county giving thanks for the volunteers who put the project into place. Seven volunteers from the community working together to make Pittsburgh a better place.

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